Mission of ARK365 DMV

The mission of ARK365DMV is to aid those in need by providing support for our communities. We do this by building meaningful relationships through outreach and giving what is needed. With the help of humanitarian contributions, we intend to make an impact by providing support and services to under-served people and communities throughout the DMV (that’s Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia) and beyond.

giving leads to receiving
you get what you give
give all to the present

Our Vision

The vision of ARK365DMV is to extend an act of random kindness to those in need, every day of the year. Being kind to another person without judgement is such a small thing, but can mean the world to that individual. Something as a small as a smile can make the difference between having a bad day or a productive one. To extend a gift card for food to someone who doesn’t know where their next meal will come from brings a moment of peace and joy to that person and can change their outlook for that day.

Behavior most times breeds behavior. It is our belief that kindness paid forward will start a social movement that can be truly positive for the DMV and the WORLD. ARK365DMV wants to be the catalyst to that–one kind act at a time!

Our Goal

Our outreach will include visiting different areas of the DMV‘s homeless population, shelters, senior living facilities, schools, and individuals to lend a helping hand in whatever area may be needed. Through generous contributions and other philanthropic assistance, we will provide water, gift cards, clothing, toiletries, school supplies, entertainment, and whatever it takes to offer care and support to anyone in need, anytime and anyplace. Everyone deserves a helping hand.

Giving doesn’t always mean money! ARK365DMV would like to serve as a resource for information and encouragement, and the things we give don’t always cost money. Teaching, supporting, and giving back to the community is what it’s all about.