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Why Give?

ARK365DMV was born from the vision of its founder, Marsha “StellaJ” Owens.  Having grown up in the DMV and acting as a certified life skills coach, she has worked alongside some of the community’s most disadvantaged, forgotten residents.

The mission of ARK365DMV is giving–one kind act, every day, 365 days a year.  Now, that doesn’t always cost anything. On the contrary, giving your time, a smile, and making people feel like they matter to the world should be the goal of every person, every day.  Speaking to someone who others walk by without a glance.  Smiling at someone who might be having a bad day. It’s so simple to help make this world a better place.  A utopian idea?  Maybe… but very possible if everybody does their part.

…but MONEY HELPS… let’s be honest.

We do what we can with personal funds, but money runs out. When that happens, we have to decide who to help, what cause to support, and how far we can go in our efforts to make an impact in the lives of the under-served.

You can help us get more done.  All contributions (that’s 100%) go directly to providing acts of kindness.

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